Friday, January 9, 2009


Today we had an awesome play date with a friend and her two kiddos. If it were up to the kids, I think it would still be going on... there was even talk to moving in together at one point. Of course, there was also the part where the boys fought over a doll. And then we talked and talked and talked through the angst of it, with the boys issuing various threats ("You aren't invited to my birthday party" and "I am going to turn you into a dog" were my personal favorites). Finally we were able to create a solution that worked for everyone, and apologies were rendered.

It was a lot of work to deal with the drama, but overall the playdate was so, so good. To see my kiddo be so social and so excited to be with another child was fantastic. Not to mention getting to hang out with my mama friend, who is such a gentle, loving soul that I feel like a better person just from standing near her (Hey M, if you are reading this, it is totally true. Your energy is SO peacful.). I am hoping we will do it again soon.

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