Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Every night at dinner, we have what is often the first chance for the whole family to sit down and decompress together. We have a tradition of bringing our hands together, looking each other (one at a time) in the eye, and saying namaste to each person. Pablo seems to find it annoying since it cuts into his time begging to play a "talking game" (like 20 questions etc, ie something that doesn't require tools). Beebz always seems charmed and spends the next few minutes putting her hands together and flirting with people. Her habit is always cute, but tonight it got off the charts cuter. She put her hands together and started chanting, "Day?! Day?! Day?!" while trying to look at everyone at once. Oh yeah... this is why I do it....

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  1. You're so much better than me. We are still working on all sitting down together!