Thursday, January 15, 2009

Memory, Schmemory

This week has a lot of extras in it (dentist for the baby, vet for the dogs, my partner starting her volunteer night, etc), and I have been hard pressed to keep track. So last night I was talking to my partner, trying to iron out today. It went like this:

Me: Ok, so we are having lunch as soon as the nanny comes. I will pick you up around 11. (Check it out! A date!)

Her: Yes. And the real estate appraiser is coming at 10. (She is refinancing the house.)

Me: Ok, cool.

Her: Do you want to meet in town for dinner before my volunteering?

Me: No, Pablo has that doc appt and I think we will want to stay in and chill.

Her: And because of eating lunch out. That's ok. I will take the leftover quiche for dinner.

Me: Lunch? Who are you having lunch with?

Her, looking at me expectantly: ...

Impressive, no? I can't remember a better memory lapse. Oh. Maybe that isn't very meaningful. Since it's me and all.

1 comment:

  1. We're never quite the same after children.
    Did you enjoy lunch, or do you remember? ;)
    Hope you did.