Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google is sentient. and Buddhist.

I have all my favorite blogs on Google reader. It works well for me since I usually get a maximum of 2 minutes at the computer before someone comes up and needs my attention. I check in a few times a day and try to read all my favorites.

Yesterday, this one came up at Mama-Om. BTW, love her. The Mindfulness Bell reminded me of a great centering technique. She has taken ringing a bell and expanded it to a whole family interaction, with everyone helping each other stay balanced and connected. So beautiful.

I was so excited because the last few days have been pretty awful. My hormones are trying to kill me. Or maybe just restart my periods. One of those. And I have pretty much been insane. So getting what amounts to an instruction manual for sanity was like a gift from the gods.

I closed it and sat thinking about exactly how to implement this in my own home. I don't have a beautiful bell, just a high pitched chime. Hmmm. So I sat thinking, and I thought, "I should send this to my partner! She will be so jazzed! She will have some ideas on what we could use to be mindful!" I opened Google reader to send her a link, and couldn't find the post ANYWHERE. I was so confused? Where had it gone?

Then I noticed that I still had a direct link to the site open because I had posted a comment. I backed up a few pages to the original post and realised why it wasn't at the top of my reader. Check out the date. November 25, 2008. Which means Google KNEW I needed to read this and made it pop up even though it was more than 2 months old. Crazy, huh?

(What really gets me is that I haven't blogged since the hormonal crazies started, so how did Google know?)


  1. Hey!
    Thank you for the link!

    I have to give credit where credit is due and say that I learned of using a mindfulness bell in this way from Thich Naht Hanh's book Peace Is Every Step. (I added the credit to the post.)

    I hope it's of some help to you. Of course, we go in and out of using it, but my son does remember it, especially when I'm starting to lose it!

  2. google IS the greater universe and hears your call! ;)