Thursday, February 19, 2009

Martial Artist!

Pablo attended his first martial arts class today. The sensei said he did very well. To me it looked a lot like he created a ton of chaos, but what do I know? I am just a neurotic mama. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dojo, and the philosophy behind it. The sensei talked about how we are all a team and need to practice working together and if we try to do our own thing at the wrong time, it creates problems for everyone. He created fun ways to show this to the class. He worked on focus, body awareness, and many other things that I would swear were tailor made for Pablo except that the philosophy is on the website, so they thought of this before they met the whirlwind I call my son.

This is one of those "the universe makes it all happen the way it should" things. My mother's helper quit with very little notice. We had allotted money into a flex fund to pay for it, and what we don't spend, we lose. So we have money to spend on Pablo. This class fits the bill. We are thinking of also sending him to a half day summer camp. This is going to be so good for him. He has never done any organized (read as you have to sit and listen and do what is asked of you) group activity before. I can see it is a new concept for him, but one that he needs to learn. It won't give me more time, but I can live with that. With Beebz the age she is, I can't really have the same kind of down time that I could when she was a real baby.

We are going to try out another class on Tuesday, and decide which level Pablo should attend. I am so excited. The class looks so awesome, I want to do it too!


  1. I am so glad it went well! It sounds like Pablo had fun, and like the class and dojo are a good fit. Hooray!

  2. Hey, I've done classes with Gene as an adult and they are just as much fun! I am so envious of Pablo but excited for him as well. I'm really glad you all like the experience!

  3. Oooh, I've been thinking of aikido for Orlando. That dojo does sound incredible!

  4. That sounds fabulous.

    One word of advice however...

    If you have a choice between a year long contract and a month to month, go for the month to month. We made the mistake of a year long and it's been a painful lesson for us all. As my husband said to me recently as we were rounding the bend, (tomorrow's our last day) at this age a year is a quarter of his life... it's an incredible commitment to ask him to make.

    That being said, I hope that for you it's a wonderful fit, because I know how gratifying it can be for them to find a match that harnesses their energy and makes them feel special at the same time.