Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Negotiating 101

Me: Hey dude, don't forget to put away the silverware, please.

Him: I don't want to. You do it.

Me: OK, it sounds like you want to trade chores. If I put away the silverware, which of my chores are you going to do? I need to clean the bathrooms. You want to do that instead?

Him: ... OK. I will put up the silverware. Unless there is a whole lot. Then YOU have to do it and I will clean a bathroom. By myself. (Perish the thought of a bathroom cleaned all by himself. All he likes to do is spray the vinegar/water mixture all over the place and leave. No wipe down at all.)

Me: A whole bathroom by yourself? Wow. OK. That is a deal, dude.

Him: Let me see if there is a lot of silverware!

--He runs out of the room toward the kitchen. He comes back laughing.--

Him: Mama, I already put up the silverware!

Me, laughing: You did? I guess we both forgot! How silly.

Him: ... Can I help you clean the bathroom now?

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