Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Amazing 2 Week Blanket!!

I complained a while back about the amazing blanket I was making and then had to rip out TONS of yarn. Despite the delay, it is finished in about two weeks. This is by far the prettiest pattern I have ever done. It was fun, challenging, and exciting to do. This is impressive since most blanket patterns get boring very quickly. Needless to say, I am darned pleased with it.

Now quick, someone have a baby so I can make another one!!

ILLNESS UPDATE: Now the boyo is sick and the baby is well. They are both napping right now. The fact that Pablo is asleep during the day shows that he is feeling REALLY lousy. I have a sore throat that hurts too much to let me sleep, so I am goofing off and drinking hot tea. And enjoying the quiet.


  1. Sorry to hear you are all sick! The blanket looks AMAZING! It was already so pretty the last time I saw it, but that was nothing compared to the finished product! Too bad I am not having a baby right now. Don't lose the pattern, though, you may need to make it for me some day ;-)

  2. You should be pleased.
    That's GORGEOUS!
    Makes me think of the intricate late pieces women used to make. I've always been so impressed with all of that detail!

  3. A-hem... lace pieces is what that should have said.

  4. Hope everyone is better that blanket is beautiful. Perfect job...