Thursday, March 12, 2009

Success and ... delayed success!

A few weeks ago, when we went to visit my parents, my mom retaught me how to knit. I knew how, but had figured it out in one of my few awkward fits of left-handed, no one can show me how to do it right, kind of way. (Most things that I didn't have someone to show me, I do right handed. Like crochet. And golf. Not that I play golf.)

So my mom showed me how to knit right handed. And I got it. Suddenly, it all made sense. I can now tell knits from purls with confidence. I can feel it in my hands. They now know, without my brain having to constantly monitor them, what they are doing. It was exhilarating. I love the feeling of really getting something. So I got all kinds of crazy and tried a pattern. And not an easy one. But why not? I felt invincible. Here it is. Nothing useful, just a swatch. But it represents my new foray into the world of fearless knitting. I wish the pictures showed better detail!

In sadder crafting news, I am working on this blanket for a dear friend's baby due in May. This is by far the most complicated (and FUN) blanket I have ever done. It has flown. I was 33 rows into the circular pattern in 4 days. That is 33 out of 38. Home stretch.

Then the problems started. There is an error in the pattern. I found the fix online.

It didn't work.

Then I saw that at row 30, I had made a mistake. A big one. grumble grumble. I ripped out 3 rows.

Then as I was fixing that error, I found another one. A little one. A pivotal one. On row 26. Sigh. I ripped out.

I have gotten back to row 30.

Oh well. Gotta love a pattern where every row changes 3 times and there are no repeats!!

No, really.

I do.

That wasn't sarcasm.

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