Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hide and sit

My thoughts aren't racing. They never do. Nothing about me goes that fast.

No, my thoughts are playing hide and seek. They peek out just enough for me to get a glance, then dance away. Sad thoughts. Scared thoughts.

I could chase them, but we all know how that goes. I would get wrapped up in them, see them as reality rather than the shadows they are.

I just want to sit with them, seeing the truths and lies within. They know they will lose potency, power, from this. They want to be strong, even if that means hiding. They know that my sitting with them will transform them. They know they are only shadows, and they don't want to fade away.

I have compassion for their fear, for it is my own. So I smile as they frolic away.

Today I go about my life, a player in this game of hide and seek. Except that I am not seeking. I will wait for them to come to me. And we will both transform.


  1. I like your ability to simply observe and not get caught up in all the drama that your thoughts would have you believe is real. My mind? Imagine the Australian Grand Prix and you'll be somewhere close. Yikes!

  2. This was so beautiful.
    As usual, you've captured feelings I've often felt and written them so eloquently.