Monday, March 9, 2009


As you may or may not remember, I started making Christmas presents for people I loved last June. 2008. For Christmas, 2008. This weekend, the last present was FINALLY delivered.

It was the only one that was late. This had something to do with me creating my own pattern and getting seriously STUCK for about a month. I could barely look at the damn thing for a while, but once I had the light bulb moment, I loved it again. Let's just sum it up and say that reducing granny squares is not easy. Turns out the trick is triangles.

The cute story attached to this sweater is that when I asked my friend if she wanted me to make her anything for Christmas, her eyes lit up, and she said, "Oh, you have that awesome shrug you made. Will you make me one like that?"

I of course said yes, and asked her to try it on to check size. She then started adorably requesting the alterations: Could you make the torso more filled in (My shrug is basically arms and back and nothing else)? Could you make it longer? You know how I love long sleeves that bell out. Could you do that? Maybe in black. How about wool? Could you do that?

I thought, "Well yes, I can, but then it won't be this shrug...." But that was fine since I didn't remember how I had made it anyway. (My shrug, in my opinion, was a failed experiment. I never wear it.)

I don't know if she even remembers this conversation, but it was pretty darned cute.

So this is the end product. She loves crosses, so I made Greek cross granny squares. See them? I came up with a cool and lacy way to connect the kabillion granny squares and made sleeves out of granny squares (and a blessed triangle!) and Bob's your uncle, it was DONE. Merry Christmas, 2008. Now for 2009....


  1. I think it's fantastically awesome! You worked so hard on it and were so creative. You know that's one thing that just blows me away about you, don't you?

  2. Darn. There is only one thing? ;)

  3. Rachel, it is absolutely beautiful - you should be proud of your work and your perseverance!