Monday, May 25, 2009

For the love of NERNIE

Beebz LOVES Ernie from Sesame Street. Pablo had a little Ernie doll that Beebz now loves with a love that is more than love. Nernie, as she calls him, is her obsession. She calls out for him in her sleep. She wants to take him in the car. She is in L-O-V-E.

We aren't big TV watchers (and can't stand Elmo) so she has never seen the actual show. A few days ago I showed her some Bert and Nernie skits on Youtube and she was thrilled. But today I made a mistake. I showed her that Nernie can SING. And now she wants all Nernie to sing to her, all the time. And don't think that I could sing the songs to her. That is blaspemy, hands down.

Ah, negotiating with an almost 17 month old. My favorite part is that when I told her maybe we could watch Nernie sing again tomorrow, she asked to call her other mother on the phone. I asked if she thought that her Ima would give a better answer and she shouted, "YEAH!!" So we don't have to wait for that whole splitting the parents thing. It is here.

So in honor of beloved Nernie (and so I have a good shortcut to it...), I give you this, our favorite song.

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