Thursday, June 25, 2009

I freakin' LOVE camp!

Yesterday I got to go to a parent seminar for GT kids at Pablo's camp. I cannot say how nice it was to be in the room with people who really understand giftedness. There was no judgment. There was no armchair diagnosis. Everyone in the room got it. They knew, from years of being with their own GT kids, that these kids aren't just smarter. They are DIFFERENT. I can't remember the last time I felt such a sense of community. I didn't have to fear the judgments and the looks and the... well, the everything that makes me reluctant to expose Pablo to people who just don't get him. Breaking out of isolation is a beautiful thing.

And today I got news that he is "a joy in the classroom," that "he participates so well" and various and sundry other compliments that I was terrified to the bottom of my heart that I would never, ever hear about my child. He fits in at camp. There, he is just a normal kid. He has FRIENDS who say hi to him in the hall. I am overjoyed.


  1. You know, we are all's a matter of finding where we can best fit in. Yeah for camp! And yeah for Pablo, I think he's a sweetie!!!

  2. How wonderful for him! Yay camp! :)