Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Knitting with Toothpicks. You think I am kidding.

But I am not. I am just that crazy. You know how I gave Pablo a medicine bag to take to camp, and then wanted a matching one? Well I had just learned to knit an I-cord and I thought, what better than an I-cord for the necklace part? Then I thought, where the heck am I going to find needles small enough? Apparently in the kitchen. Hey, it worked. So without further ado, here are our crocheted medicine bags (I made Pablo a brand new one) with knitted I-cords, ready for camp a whole week early.

I love how his shines!


  1. You did not!!!
    You're so awesome.
    He won't forget this you know!

  2. You ARE crazy! That's fantastic. lol

  3. Yeah! I am so glad they turned out well. They look great. Good work on knitting with REAL toothpicks - I have only managed to knit with needgles that LOOK like toothpicks.

  4. Following the BlogHer ads link because this knitter could not resist a post title such as this one.

    LOVE the idea - I have seen toothpicks used as knitting needles for display in miniature dioramas, but never thought of using them all real-like (bamboo skewers might work as well, albeit not as adorable or twee.)

  5. holy smokes!! that takes skill! i think i'd have to do it under a magnifying glass. lol