Thursday, June 4, 2009

Laying fears to rest... at least HIS fears!

Pablo is going to day camp this summer. In a couple of weeks. It will be the first time I leave him with anyone I don't know well. I am instead leaving him with people who don't know him at all. They don't know his quirks, his idiosyncrasies, his fears, his... well him! I am freaking out, but trying not to, because I don't want to freak him out. And I know he is kind of freaked out. He has told me he doesn't understand why the mamas aren't invited to camp. He is scared about being away from me and being with strangers. And I have tried to be compassionate and reassuring without ignoring his fears.

Today I told him that I had a special present for him to take to camp, that would help him know I was thinking of him the whole time I was away. I meant to build a little suspense, but I accidentally built A LOT. So I finally gave in and gave him his gift early. It is a small, handmade medicine bag that I have carried for years. I tied it around his neck and then got out my special stones, where I found another medicine bag. We decided I should wear that one to remind me of him. I brought out 2 painted arrow heads and some crystals. He picked an arrow head and a crystal for his bag, and I got the other arrowhead and a crystal he chose for my bag. He was over the top excited about it.

Also in the box with the stones was a pendulum. Now understand, we are meticulous about not lying to Pablo about Santa or the tooth fairy. We tell him what some people believe and let him make his own decision. But the pendulum was sheer magic. I explained how it worked and what some people believe about it, and asked if he had any questions for it. Oh boy, did he! We asked if he would have fun at camp... yes; if he would make friends... yes; if he would feel comfortable...yes. His eyes almost popped out of his head with every answer and between the medicine bag and the pendulum, I don't think he is worried about camp at all.

I wish I could have a little of that magic too. Tonight I am making myself a medicine bag to match his. Maybe that will make me feel better? I will go ask the pendulum....

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  1. I feel for you both. This would be very hard on me. How old is Pablo?I love your medicine bag exchange. Lovely idea.