Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Try explaining this to YOUR child and let me know how it goes...

It is all my partner's fault. Completely. 100%.

Yesterday she told me about this commercial. I teared up, just from hearing about it. And today, she sent me the link. This time I didn't just tear up. I SOBBED. I completely lost it.

Of course Pablo wanted to know why. So I had to explain how some kids are really really sick and probably won't get better and there is an organization that makes their wishes come true because their lives are filled with so much hard stuff like hospitals and feeling sick all the time etc.... All the while I was crying, almost unable to speak. Pablo looked very somber. Especially when I grabbed him and gave him a big hug and told him how happy I was that he and his sister are healthy.

Then I decided to blog about it. As I was getting the embed code, Pablo looked at me and asked why that commercial was on my computer again. I explained I was going to blog about it. He paused and then asked, "So you like it?" I told him I did, and he stood there, dumbfounded. After another longer pause, he said, "The things I like make ME happy." Ah well. He has a point.

Watch at your own risk.

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