Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lenses, undies, and second thoughts....

Big News!!

Pablo now has glasses! It turns out he is farsighted. He may actually have more significant issues, but the doctor wants him in glasses for a few months to see if his eyes can adjust and improve some tracking issues. We are really excited this may be the beginning of huge changes for him.

In other BIG news, Beebz has decided to potty train. She demands the potty when she needs to go, and stayed dry all day (when we were at home... diapers when we were out. I am not THAT crazy!) and at one point, I walked into the bathroom and she had used her little potty all by herself! We celebrated by going and getting underpants for her. My baby is growing up SO fast!

Finally, we are really second guessing sending Pablo to the second session of his camp. The first session, he loved, and he got rave reviews from his teachers. This time, he is not participating, not interested, and just generally not into it. We actually didn't take him today because his eyes were still really dilated from his eye appointment the day before, and he was SO excited that he didn't have to go... poor guy. We wanted this to be fun, and at this point it is clearly not. At least this makes me feel really confident in our decision to homeschool....

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