Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Failure and SUCCESS!

Knitting patterns should NOT start with the words: make a short row toe by the method of your choosing. No, they really shouldn't. I give a little credit for linking to a website that shows you how, but only half credit because the instructions were seriously confusing and had to be abandoned.

Also knitting patterns should not contain a knitting chart that goes from bottom to top. Who reads stuff from bottom to top?! Crazy. Now, maybe I just don't know and it is standard, but it is not right. Again, I will give some credit for the rows being numbered. But only half as much because I didn't see them until row 6, so clearly they weren't obvious enough for the (exhausted) average knitter.

And finally, it should be really obvious in knitting when you screw up so that you can rip out and go back. You should not rip out, painstakingly get everything back on the needles without dropping stitches, only to find that you need to rip out 2 more rows. It is not fair.

Not the pattern's fault tho so no points off the pattern.

Now on to brighter news: I finished the baby's skirt, and it is awesome, if I do say so myself. (Also, this was not the pattern I had the problems with.) No idea why it came out looking like the shot was taken in the 70s, but you get the idea.

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