Friday, October 30, 2009

We get this all the time...

I had lunch with a friend today who I don't see that often. She is awesome, and gets Pablo, but she tends to forget his... abilities.

Today they had this conversation:

The setup: She was telling me about a new relationship that is lots of fun but probably not such a good idea since he is alarmingly like someone she once dated. Pablo seemed engrossed in a book, so we thought we were safe. I laughingly reminded her about the story about walking down the street and falling in the same hole over and over again (an analogy for repeating the same mistake over and over).

Of course, Pablo cut in to investigate this hole.

him: What hole did you fall in?

her: Well, when you fall in a hole, you have to climb back out and sometimes it takes a long time.

him: No, you were talking about a metaphor. That hole?

her, prevaricating: Ummm.... well I keep falling in a hole by underestimating you every time I see you!

him, pausing and looking her in the eye: I bet that's really hard for you.

Yeah, sometimes it's hard for us all, mister!

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  1. That is AWESOME! Go Pablo! (So funny how they keep us in check, isn't it?) Great story. :)