Saturday, October 24, 2009


At dinner. To set the scene, Pablo's favorite way to eat is to name each bite an element by atomic number. This is especially awesome when he eats a PBJ, since there are 25 bites, when cut as he wishes. We were discussing elements and what would happen if specific elements were mixed together. And then he said this.

him: There is helium and hydrogen and lithium in stars, helium and oxygen in ballons....

us: uh huh...

him: And I know if you add Helium and Boron you get a store!

us: um... huh?

him: Yeah! Stores are made of helium and boron.

us: that doesn't sound right, buddy.

him: well, I know it makes a grocery store....

us: um... huh?

him: Why else would our grocery store be called HeB?

Man, did that scammer have us going.

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