Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snobby pinky syndrome

Yes, I admit it. I have snobby pinky syndrome and this lace edging is the reason why. What? You haven't heard of it? weird. Probably because I invented it myself. Which is pretty impressive considering how much my pinky hurts. Let me back up.

I have snobby pinkies. You know, the kind that stick out when you pick up your tea cup? Right. I first noticed this as a freshman in high school, when I went on a school trip to New York city to see Broadway shows. As part of our indoctrination into loving the Big Apple, we ate at Tavern on the Green, thought we were SOOOO cool, and sat around, holding our pinkies up and snickering.

I didn't seem to have trouble remembering to hold up my pinky. I must have aristocratic roots.

Or a deformity.

Or something.

Two days ago, the pinky on my right hand started hurting when it is lifted away from its friends (ie, in snobby pinky pose). This is odd, because I am left handed. My right pinky is not something I use on a regular basis. Who does?! Then I realized: knitting. It has to be knitting. More specifically, knitting while holding up my right pinky finger. Ridiculous, right?

Yesterday, it hurt to hold anything in my right hand. Driving the car hurt. Knitting, strangely, didn't hurt TOO badly. Yeah, yeah. I know.

Today, it is worse. But the thing is, I am so close to finishing this awesome skirt for Beebz! I can't stand letting it sit there, when I only have the lace edging to go. It is the stinking edging that is doing it, so the sooner I am done the better I will feel, right? Right?! Only 3/4 of it is left to do....

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