Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teasin' Mama

The baby has decided to be a comic. She now leaves the room, takes off all her clothes (not at all unusual), puts them back on backwards (very unusual), comes out, strikes a pose, and says, "Teasin' Mama!!" and then doubles over with laughter.

Another favorite is to jump up and run to the potty, yelling, "POOP! POOP!" all the way there, taking off all her clothes, sitting on the potty, grunting as if she hasn't pooped in a year, and then shouting, "Teasin' Mama!!" Strange, I thought I was a few years away from potty humor again. sigh.

She is just so darned cute that I can't help but laugh with her.

She is currently telling her poor brother that he is different animals just to annoy him and get him to say, "NO! I am NOT a lion!" It cracks me up every time because he is so serious as he answers her, as if she really thinks he is a lion. Ha. Teasin' Pablo.

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