Wednesday, November 18, 2009

at least my failures are wearable....

I keep having these great ideas that turn out not so great. Knitting socks. Great idea, right? Man, finding the perfect pattern is almost impossible. I found a pattern I loved except for the horrible short row toes and heels. They are a mess. So I made a pair of socks with so many imperfections that I am not willing to give them to anyone with eyes. Or hands. Or anyone who knows anyone with eyes or hands. And since I don't know anyone fitting that description, they are now mine.

Then I was going to knit and felt some slippers for the baby. Everyone told me how easy it is to felt. Just make it big and shrink it in the washer. No problem. Finding actual directions? Ha. Make a swatch first? Double ha. Once they were done and big enough for me without being felted, I looked up some directions before felting. Oh, use bigger needles so there is room for shrinkage? huh. No way these puppies will fit her, so I just got myself a pair of unfelted slippers. Using, I might add, my new favorite sock pattern. No stinkin' short rows.

In the mix of trying to figure out if the slippers would felt down, I made a swatch. A tube, in fact. I thought I could find something fun to do with it. While it did shrink, it proved once and for all that I was going to own those slippers. But what to do with a tube of red knitting about 4 inches long and a couple inches wide? I don't know a single person to whom I can give a penis warmer, so I came up with this.

People will appreciate little candy shaped tree ornaments, right? They will never know the other uses....

PS Beebz now has little red slippers just like mine, unfelted. She is currently napping in them so I can't get a picture. Just imagine mine. Little. On the cutest little girl ever. Got it? Got it.

PSS Also Pablo now has one slipper and the second is on needles. He wants to hop around in just one and is put out that I won't let him. Poor kid.

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