Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who knew mouth to mouth worked on computers?! Now would it work on my wrist?

Yes, it turns out that sometimes by removing the hard drive and blowing on the pins, new life is infused into an old computer. So I am BACK IN BUSINESS!!

My computer is fixed, but sadly, I am broken. I apparently have carpal tunnel in one (or two) of my wrists. My hand falls asleep while I am knitting. Both hands fall asleep while I am sleeping. I keep telling them that's redundant, but they don't seem to be listening.

I went and got a brace for my worse hand, and it seems to be helping. The weird thing is that my partner and some friends seem to think I should stop knitting or crocheting to let my wrists rest. huh. They haven't looked at a calendar. Hello? DECEMBER?! Hannukah? Christmas? Solstice? What are these people thinking?! I have presents to finish. Hell, I have presents to START! There is no time for resting. This is the time to play through the pain, dude. This is my Olympics.

I am not, however, unreasonable. I will stop working on anyone's present if they explicitly tell me to stop that project. See? I am at the height of reason. (If a person doesn't know I am making something they can't stop me tho... hehehe.) After the holidays I will give it a rest. After I make myself another pair of socks....

For now, I will sign off. It kind of hurts to type....

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