Monday, December 14, 2009

Windows into his mind

Ah, my son, my son. My hilarious boy. We gave the kids the train table. As I predicted, Beebz is pretty uninterested, and Pablo is pretty obsessed (although not as much as I thought he would be). I thought he would use it to build models of area roads and to replicate maps, like he did with our little 20 piece train set. I thought wrong. Of course, this more complicated set came with instructions. The pieces are identified by letter. Therefore, (yeah, I know you see it coming) you can make chemical formulae by linking up the representative element tracks. Yeah, it is so obvious, why am I even blogging about it?! I don't think Sulphur and Carbon make anything in the real world, but at out house, they make a lot of excitement. He has also settled into more conventional things. He is building roads in Cambodia. Like you do.

Who can ever guess where his mind will go? I mean, last night we were asking Beebz about her upcoming birthday. Who she wanted at her party, what kind of cake she would like, etc.

(I should mention that among my insane parenting obsessions is home making a cake for child birthdays that is representative of the child's favorite thing. For Pablo it has been: a castle, letter blocks, a calendar, a map of the world, and a trampoline. For Beebz, it has been puppies. Pablo continues to be easy. This year will be the periodic table. For Beebz, she loves lots of things, so choosing the one representative thing is pretty difficult.)

She really wants a Fisher cake. Fisher The Lovely Years being her current favorite album. um. An album. huh. So, we were asking her about other favorites, and she suggested babies. Babies do meet all the criteria for being a birthday cake theme, but... who wants to cut into a baby? My partner and I sat there speculating on ridiculous ways to make a baby cake (including making "babycakes": lots of little cakes... Beebz does like a good pun!), when Pablo piped up with his suggestion: a mama ACTUALLY GIVING BIRTH to a baby. With the baby coming out of the birth canal. Cause nothing says "Happy 2 year Birthday" like genitalia on a cake.

We settled on a moon cake. I think you can see why.

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