Thursday, December 17, 2009

When my memory falters, it is my wife who suffers.

For months before our anniversary, I hounded my partner that I had found THE PERFECT GIFT. (Lest I sound like a total jerk, please know that my partner is obnoxiously Zen about gifts. Wave a gift in her face, saying it is the best thing ever, and she will nod, thank you, and be happy to open it tomorrow. Or next week. I, on the other hand, am like a kid at christmas. If she calls and tells me she got me a present, I wait eagerly and pounce on her as soon as she gets home. Even if I know the present is probably her lunch leftovers. Back to the story....)

This gift was going to be special. Perfect. (And did I mention she is hard to shop for?) I preened loudly, I bragged, I generally made a big huge deal about it FOR MONTHS. And then I forgot. Forgot what it was, forgot what it might have been, freakin FORGOT. I even forgot that I had an idea in the first place. It was my partner who reminded me, when I asked her what she wanted for out anniversary. I forgot so badly, that it didn't even sound familiar when she mentioned me making a big deal about it. Finally, a few days later, I remembered being a stinker about the bragging. But I still had no idea what item had started the fervor. I racked my brain. I journaled, hoping it would come to me. I tried to make myself dream about it. No dice. I was crushed, and for once, so was she.

Today, while looking online for something else, I found it. I had even bookmarked, although that particular link had expired. Now here it is 2 months after our anniversary, and I have the perfect gift. There is NO WAY I will remember this for another 10 months! So I am telling YOU. I am posting a hyperlink here. Which my love WILL NOT OPEN. And NONE of you will tell her what it is. If you do, I will know who it was, so don't even think about telling her. Got it? Good.

Now, we all know what she is getting next year. Except her. Because I suspect she is back in that annoying Zen state, and will be happy to wait 10 months for this gift with way too much build up.

I am guessing I will buy it and give it to her in January. Because there is NO WAY I can wait 10 months! Geez! As much as I would love a good Zen state in general, presents are a WHOLE DIFFERENT THING! Am I right? Betcha the Dalai Lama agrees.

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  1. that is a fantastic present!!! yay for you for remembering. But my advice is not to wait for an anniversary to give it to her - because if all days have the same value, one day is as good as the next!!