Sunday, December 20, 2009

Magic is ALIVE.

20 something years ago, I had a teacher who changed my life. He was my mentor. He was that one person in my life that seemed to believe in me when no one else did. He saw in me talent that I didn't know I had. After I graduated, we lost touch. But he has never been far from my thoughts. My best high school memories include him. One of my few regrets was losing touch with him.

Yesterday he found me on the internet. We have been writing back and forth, catching up. It turns out we have more in common than I ever knew as a angsty teen. As someone who has lived a crazy wonderful life, teaching was probably the most normal thing he ever did. He is now on to other insanely wonderful things, and he has brought magic back into my now mundane world.

Most of all, he has let me know that I meant a lot to him too. That he remembered me fondly. That I taught him. As an adult (and more so as a parent!) I completely understand how much you can learn from children. How much they can impact your life. But that little part of me that is still an angsty teen is awed that he even remembers me. That I influenced him in any way. I am awed by his memory of me, my talents, my uniqueness. Aside from my parents, this is the ONE person I always wanted to know how they really saw me. What he thought of me. And now I know. He thinks I am amazing.

Who could ask for a better gift? I have a renewed belief in magic. In the wonder of the universe. In myself. I am in awe of this.

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