Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I guess my baby isn't a baby anymore.

She is 2. TWO. Wow. How could this have happened? I don't remember authorizing this. Really. Two. geez.

We had a lovely birthday with her yesterday, despite the fact that the kids are completely FRIED from being out of town for a week. We went out to lunch and to a toy store so she could pick out a kitty (she ended up getting a family of 4 Calico Critters or some such somethings). We played a ton of Wii Fit Plus (she loves to watch, and begs for people to play!). BTW, you GOTTA get this game. It is way better than the original! We snuggled and napped and had ice cream. Then the kids' godparents came over for dinner. It was lovely.

Dear Beebz,

I love you, my little girl, impossibly, more every day. You are wonderful, and no one could show me a more loving, sweet spirit. I am so grateful on a daily basis that you chose our crazy family to join. Thank you, my baby. I mean, my 2 year old!


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