Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why the holidays aren't over

So many people are back to the daily grind this week, but I feel like I am still right in the middle of the holidays. Why? Wellllll....

Because I still have xmas presents to wrap.

Because I still have xmas presents to deliver.

Hell, because I still have xmas presents to MAKE.

Because New Year's Eve hasn't happened yet.

Because New Year's day hasn't either.

Because I still have a birthday party (or 2) to host.

Because I am still punch drunk from being around SO MANY PEOPLE after months of mostly being around just the kids.

And even tho I am home alone with the kids and back to "normal," it feels FREAKISHLY abnormal and maybe if I pretend that it is only because we are still in the holiday rush, it will (hopefully) make me feel better.

awwww. I just heard my little girl ask her brother to sit in his lap for some snuggles and he of course immediately agreed. Just seeing them all snuggled up makes me feel all peaceful and happy. What a nice break from the holiday grind!

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