Monday, January 4, 2010

Another birthday party has come and gone

We celebrated Beebz's birthday yesterday, with a wonderful party at home! Many family and friends made it, all at Beebz's request. We had a great time, but as always, I didn't feel like I got to spend time with anyone. We had a houseful, thanks to Beebz making the guest list. I don't think she realized everyone would come at once. She was pretty overwhelmed with the number of people that fit into our house. I was happy to see everyone, but I was sorry to see some faces missing. There were people I wanted to invite so that I could see them, (she wouldn't even know them since it has been so long!) but because Beebz is still a big ol' introvert, so I didn't want her too overwhelmed. Since she asked for about 30 people to come, I figured I shouldn't add to the chaos with my own personal additions.

I managed the requested dollhouse cake, with only a few hiccups. I had planned it all out, since my usual cake issues are caused my me not letting things cool enough. Icing a warm cake is fine if you just want it yummy, but it won't be pretty. So, this year, I learned my lesson. I made the 9x12 cake the day before. I made the icing the day before. I was freaking ready. But then my partner and I both decided that one 9/12 cake wouldn't be enough, so the morning of the party I made a second cake. I used it as the base, and managed to get everything cool enough. I also found my favorite food coloring spray paint to color it. I love this stuff. It is fun to use, and makes for a funky, groovy looking result. The house has a tilt to it, but it didn't actually FALL, so I count it as a success. My biggest problem was in keeping little fingers off of it. "Just a little taste" adds up to a lot of holes in the icing, especially once you start coloring it!

Thanks to everyone who came! It was a lovely time, and I am so grateful for all our wonderful friends and family.

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