Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am grateful for gratefuls!

My daughter may be the best person ever to help me develop into a more spiritual, mindful person. She knows how to be present, and to be grateful for what is. It all began with a little pre-meal tradition of saying things for which we are grateful. Beebz has expanded this exponentially, with her announcing: "I do gratefuls!!" randomly throughout the day. It can be anything from her brother, to her dolls, to the sunshine. Then she runs off shouting, "blessed be!!!!!" as she goes onto other things.

I have read many times to use your child's voice or some thing they do as a reminder to check in, find your breath, and renew your connection to yourself. With this kiddo, she all but knocks me on the head with the reminders.

This actually dovetails nicely into my new commitment to do 1 minute meditations throughout the day. It all comes from the book One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go. My partner got it for xmas, and I started reading it. So far, so good, and Beebz is better than a bell or chime to remind me not only to meditate, but to do it with a spirit of gratitude.

Thanks, baby girl, I am grateful for you!

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