Friday, January 15, 2010

This is so like me.

It started so innocently. I went to visit a friend. I took my knitting. Like you do. As a back up project (I always travel with at least 2... yeah, I know. Addicted.), I grabbed some yarn I had bought for the love of the color (a dusky pink). I had thought of socks, but then decided on a hat like Beebz'. A simple spiral rib, super cute. The pattern had been given to me by a dear friend.

Well, I accidentally ended up leaving the pattern at my friend's house. Related is the fact that I did not knit at her house, but I did show her the pattern. sigh.

You must understand, I am a stubborn person. I like to do things MYSELF, even if it is reinventing the wheel. (I will pause for a moment for everyone who knows me who is laughing at just what an understatement this is. Done? K. I will go on now.)

I wanted to start the hat, and knew that I wouldn't need the pattern until it decreased at the very, very top. Except for the number of stitches to cast on, I could do 9/10ths of this hat sans pattern, no problem. But did I call either friend to ask how many stitches to cast on? No. Don't be silly. That would be...rational. Ha. I don't ask. I figure it out for myself. See above.

So I went on (LOVE IT) to peruse patterns to see how many stitches might make a reasonable start. While on there, it occurred to me that I really didn't LOVE the brim of the spiral hat, and that a little Celtic knotwork brim might be really nice. After drowning in hat patterns, I emerged with a brand new project. Gone is the simple little hat. I am now doing THIS!

Have I ever done cables before? NO. Will this stop me? Ha. Stubborn, see above. I started last night, and cables aren't nearly as scary as I thought. This is several rows in, and they look like they are supposed to look!

FYI, knit like a pirate is pretty darned funny, and should be read even by non-knitters, just for the humor value.

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