Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative...

After days of rough times, I have started thinking how all the good stuff that slips by when I am mired in the bad stuff. Focusing exclusively on what I want to be different keeps me from looking at all the things I want to remain the same.

I really love so many things about my life but I can see how I spend way too little time appreciating them. It is so easy to focus on the hard stuff or to focus on what will make things even better. It requires a certain internal stillness for me to see what I have, in the moment, and be content with that. Being the mom of one tended to allow for that stillness, but I haven't found the groove while having two. In the spirit of appreciation for what IS, I am refraining from WANTING the groove. Instead, I am just focusing on knowing there is a groove at all.

So today, even though now the baby is sick, the house is a mess, I STILL can't find a job (come on, universe, work with me on this one!!), and I am on my 5th straight night of no where near enough sleep, I can see that there is so much to enjoy, so much to laugh at, so much to love.

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