Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Son, the Nascent Smart Ass and My Daughter, the Nascent Eater!

Beebz ate real food tonight for the first time!! Rice cereal made with breast milk. Yum. She loved it. I'm not ready for my baby to be growing up so fast! But since I have sung this song before, I will instead dwell on funnier things.

Pablo's sense of humor is getting increasingly wry. The best one today was when I made some silly comment as we were putting together a puzzle. When he didn't answer I said something like, "Dude! Didn't you think that was funny?" There was a pause and then he replied, "Well, I guess to you... and me. But probably not to other people." I fell over laughing and said, "You are such a riot!" to which he replied (totally deadpan), "Yes, I know." He never took his eyes off the puzzle.

I love how much he makes me laugh. It is the best gift of this whole being a mother gig. OK, OK, I can see where this is heading so I am stopping now before I get too maudlin. Say goodnight, Gracie.


  1. I love deadpan kids who are so unaware of how HILARIOUS they are to us adults... I agree, they make motherhood worth it!