Monday, July 7, 2008

Nipping a TV Addiction in the Bud

It started because I felt sick last week. I was tired and run down. I turned on the TV while nursing the baby down for a nap. Not for the boy, but for me. And now, not yet a week later, I can't seem to turn the darn thing off. I crave Ellen. And the Dog Whisperer. And if nothing else is on, a little DIY won't hurt me now will it? Pablo totally ignores it. Actually, after a pretty busy weekend, today he was busy ignoring everything but his puzzles.

I thought it would be OK. Or at least not too bad. But sadly, I notice that the more the TV is on, the less patient I am. The less connected I am. The more I think about everything in terms of how it affects ME rather than how it affects us all. Already I am losing my loving kindness mantra in favor of judging others. I am snapping at Pablo for not being more considerate of my needs. Cause he is 4, after all, and should totally be doing that by now...right.

So I guess it's cold turkey for me. No more TV. Check back in. It will be good for me. Dammit.

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