Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is supposed to tingle?

I heard about amber teething necklaces and since Beebz is having such a rough time with teething, I decided to give one a try. I found a place in Italy (for goodness sake... nothing like doing the opposite of shopping local...I feel the guilt. Trust me.) that has genuine Baltic amber, blah blah blah etc. The theory is that amber has analgesic properties and wearing it against your skin makes you feel all better.

Well. The baby necklace was only $11, and you get free shipping when you spend $25, so I did what anyone would do. I bought myself a necklace too. Come on, you know you would. A healing necklace. Semi-polished, etc.... I have lots of headaches, and I figured if it helped with teeth, then why not headaches too?

Then we waited and waited and waited almost 2 whole weeks. That is a really long time in this instant everything age. I guess it was made longer by having a sick AND teething baby. Today they came. I was hoping for a fancy box or something since it was all the way from Italy, but no, just a plain white shipping envelope. But it said ITALY written by a genuine Italian person, so I guess that will have to be enough for my dose of culture.

I put the necklace on the baby. And watched. She didn't seem to notice she was wearing it (which is good, cause baby strangling or breaking the necklace and eating the beads would be bad). Then she took a more than 2 hour nap. In bed. Alone. Methinks this necklace may rock (get it?). When she woke up she mostly quit making that "ouch my teeth hurt so I am going to do my best to look like a little old toothless lady" face.

I put my necklace on. It is pretty. I like it. Just one question... is it supposed to tingle?

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