Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What happens when you are a sick homeschooler?

You stay home for school. Yeah, despite a sore throat, fever, and possible ear infection, nothing really changed. We have decided 2nd grade is boring, so we are finishing up a few skills and moving on to 3rd. Pablo really wants to move on to 4th, but I am sticking to my guns on doing 3rd first.

I went to a homeschooler's meeting last night and got to meet some great moms. I am feeling more and more confident in homeschooling, and will probably tend closer and closer to the unschooling side of the continuum. Give me some time, tho... this is all freaky new to me. I even confided to a friend that if we find a place in this community and Pablo makes some good friends, I could see continuing with it long term. eek.

This week my partner is off work so we can have a staycation. We were going to hit Sea World once everyone was back to school. CLOSED. Then we thought about Schlitterbahn. CLOSED. Volente Beach? CLOSED. Phooey. All are open on the weekend, but the whole point was to miss the crowds.

Now I guess the whole point is to hope that Pablo gets better so that we can at least go to Hamilton pool during the week. sigh. This vacation is not what we planned.

But since I got to take a nap today, I am really not complaining!

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  1. So glad that homeschooling is working out so well for you all.