Tuesday, September 1, 2009


How very horrifying. Really. I am embarrassed to admit it but in more than 15 years of living in Austin, I had never gone to Hamilton Pool. Yes, many people had told me about it, but it just never seemed to be a priority to go. We finally went this weekend with my friend who just moved to town and spent the whole day. We had a blast, even if the other adults did tease me about making it a "learning opportunity" (Exploring the formation of stalagtites? That's not learning, that's just cool! Right? Right?!) .

My favorite part was swimming with Pablo under the (scant) falls. Floating and watching the water come down was more refreshing than I could have imagined. The only problem is that Pablo now thinks he can SWIM, ie, without any assistance. While he is improving (greatly!) he still tends to orient his body as if he is standing up rather than laying down, so he sinks. A lot. As long as he has his cool floatie on, all is well. The trick is making sure he remembers whether it is on or off! Mea culpa, I promise I don't have to be reminded to go to Hamilton Pool again! Wow. It was spectacular.

This awesomely fun time has promted me to explore Austin even more. Fridays are now officially ADVENTURE DAYS! Pablo and I have agreed to find some new place to go every Friday. Well, maybe I should amend that to say that I want to find new things. Pablo just wants to go back to Hamilton Pool every week. Ha.

This Friday we are going to Pioneer Farms for homeschoolers day. It is a living museum showing what life was like in the mid-1800s. It should be a blast. We may even get to meet some other homeschoolers, which would be nice. I haven't really broken into the community yet, but I am trying. I am also a little intimidated with going to a place like this with 2 kids who will almost always want to go in opposite directions, but hey, I can only buck up and try, right? Wish us luck!

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