Monday, September 7, 2009

Pioneer Farms and Family Adventures

Last Friday we went to Pioneer Farms and had a great time. I printed out a map beforehand, so Pablo's major excitement was in being the navigator. Listening to the grownups in costume was really no big thrill in comparison to wide open spaces to run! Except for maybe the blacksmith... he was worthy of talking to. We really had a great time, and were happy to go on Homeschooler's Day. I was hoping to meet some new moms, and make some connections. Sadly, it didn't really happen that way. Everybody was pretty much doing their own thing. Breaking into to this world is a challenge for me, since I seem to have lost all of my social skills in the 6 years since having children. oy.

This weekend, we went camping with my partner's sister's family at Buescher State Park. We had a great time. I used to love to camp, but we haven't really done it since having children, with the exception of one time this spring. We are not really equipped for family camping. I only have a 2 man tent, a cook stove that has one burner, teeny tiny pots and pans, etc. Thankfully, we borrowed my brother in law's stuff, so we had what we needed to get by. I totally know what I want for xmas now, tho. I want the works for family camping. I love it so much. Nothing gets me back to myself like camping does... being in nature is grounding like nothing else.

We are scheduled to go to Inks Lake for a weekend at the end of the month. This could totally be a new addiction!


  1. Hey darling! Here's my version of online social networking. You really should contact my friend Casey. She's homeschooled her boys for years, and does a lot of networking with other home schooling moms. Plus, she's in north Austin as well. She's very funny, cool, eco-friendly and liberal...someone you would really enjoy meeting. Plus, she blogs as well.

    Here's her blog:

    Drop her a note and tell her Chris sent you ;-)

  2. Rachel!! We were there at Pioneer Farms on Friday! How on earth did we miss each other? It would have been freakin' great to hang out with you and the kiddos. We must have been on the exact opposite loop, but I'm still amazed.

    I owe you a call... will try to do that soon!